Very early on we decided Penny Dreadful underwear should be more than just a great pair of boxer shorts, but also a canvas for fantastic art.

In a bid to support new talent each season our shorts will feature a set of prints from an up and coming illustrator to whom we will give a share of our profits.

Our inaugural artist is Sarah Dvojack whose witty, playfully sexy, mid 20th century characters we instantly fell in love with.

Here’s Sarah in her own words.

“I come from the wilds of Washington and spent my formative years digging for gnomes on the school playground, pretending to be Cornflower Fieldmouse and running internal monologues in the voice of Anne Shirley.
I have an unnatural obsession with circus history and am highly defensive of clowns.
I am a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.”

You can see more of Sarah’s fabulous work at http://www.sarahdvojack.com/

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