“There must be more to men’s boxer shorts than this” said Matt gazing despondently at his mass produced, boringly striped, slightly tragic looking boxer shorts.

“So what would they look like?” I asked.

fi & matt In no time we’d talked out the kind of boxer short brand we would like to exist in the World.  A different sort of design, British made and ethically sourced for men with confidence who aren’t afraid to try something a bit unusual.  And so began Penny Dreadful.  A brand that challenges the concept that gorgeous and interesting underwear is for women only.

Matt and Fiona are a husband and wife team who live in Guildford with their teenage twin daughters.

Matt is a pop cultural sponge who is obsessive about music, words & thought provoking film… and Star Wars.  He is a champion of the four day working week in which his day job is Creative Director at a content agency which hones his keen eye for detail and design.

Fiona is a freelance creative & director.  She is always making something if not physically then mentally. She cares deeply for nature and the environment and goes weak at the knees at the sight of certain colours.

Our ambition is to support upcoming talent by regularly featuring new illustrators for our Penny Dreadful boxer shorts and giving the artists a share of the profits.  We want to grow the collection to produce a wider range of men’s essentials with a twist, sourcing our materials ethically and continuing to manufacture in the UK.

Pleased to meet you.PD SCRIPT ONE LINE copy

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